Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hand Hand Studio is a one woman show run by me, Rachel Wolnski.  I graduated from Samford University with a BFA in Graphic Design. Worked at Jones Valley Teaching Farm as a graphic designer through the Americorp Vista program right after college. I then interned for a summer with Scarlet & Gold. Now I freelance full time, from my comfy home office. I also help teach an art/art history co-op for a group of elementary kids, and I absolutely adore my time teaching!

I am a newly married lady, and couldn't be happier to have my favorite human cheer me on as I figure out this whole freelance designer thing.

I have a love of illustrating plants and vegetables. A love of the whimsical and organic. A love for painting portraits of people from my head. I would love to help your business out,  paint you something, or just get to know you!

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